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Saeed Ahmed Al Mahroos and sons’ company

Saeed Ahmed Al Mahroos and sons’ company is a Saudi Arabian trusted well-known iconic name in the import and distribution food and food related items. It has been founded by Late Haj Saeed Ahmed Al Mahroos trading business 80 years ago (1944), becoming one of the pioneers to have overseas business links in Saudi Arabia. It is now headed by Mr. Abdul Aziz Al Mahroos as CEO & Chairman, Mr. Bader Al Mahroos as Managing Director, and Mr. Khalid Al Mahroos as Vice Chairman. Third generation are now taking their position supporting the growth of the company.

The Company’s Head Office is in Dammam Saudi Arabia and have main management offices in all major cities (Dammam, Riyadh and Jeddah), as well as branches in second tier major cities (Al Hofuf, Khamis Mushait, Jazan, Al Qatif, Tabuk and Arar). Other smaller towns are served by sales representatives and appointed distributors. Almahroos Co. has very strong sales and distribution network in the Kingdom, supported by large capacity modern warehousing spread around the kingdom. Al Mahroos Co., has proven logistics capability and very strong distribution infrastructure ensuring on time delivery to wholesale and retail and modern trade.

Almahroos co. is a professionally managed family company and one of the leading business houses in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the arena of FMCG Fast Moving Consumer Goods import, marketing, and distribution (food and nonfood items). Keeping pace with latest market developments Almahroos co. management modernize systems, succeeded in increasing own brands range, upgrading products designs, and adding more international brands as well. Almahroos co. owns 15 well-known brands and holding agencies and distribution for international brands enriching the company legacy and continuity. Almahroos product line include rice, evaporated milk, milk powder, butter, ghee, salt, honey, vine leaves, canned food, tea, coffee, ketchup, hazelnut coca spread , pineapple, pickles, sweet corn, baked beans and aluminum foil products. Al Mahroos Co. take pride in its products quality and brands. Carefully selecting suppliers from around the world to pack best quality available ensured continuing consumer satisfaction and loyalty. Our suppliers spread all over the world Germany, Italy, Spain, Turkey, America, India, Pakistan, Thailand, China, new Zealand, South Africa, Oman and Emirates (WWW.AL-MAHROOS.COM)

By adopting modern operation model ALMAHROOS CO. succeeded in expanding sales coverage and increasing business opportunities and reached new markets and served wide range of end consumers resulting in significant sales growth. Thanks to the long-term approach built over decades of trade, strong cooperation and collaboration, fair dealing and trust with our customers and suppliers our brands position, appeal, trust and demand is growing. Al Mahroos Co. enjoy excellent relations with suppliers resulting in mutual benefits.

Saeed Ahmed Al Mahroos & Son’s Co. has diversified interest in Retail Hypermarkets and Supermarket Chains (under the brand name Mazaya), Commercial Malls, real estate all helped the company diversify its investment portfolios.