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Al Mahroos & Sons Company is a limited liability company (LLC); it was founded in many years ago as a sole proprietorship by the late Saeed Ahmed Al Mahroos in the year 1962. Then it was turned into a partnership in 1994, when late Saeed Al Mahroos decided to start a new business structure. Saeed Al Mahroos is one of the entrepreneurial pioneers in Saudi Arabia that had initiated the business of Import, wholesale, and retail of Food products since the early 60s. Thanks to the dedicated management team, today the company has diversified its interests into various activities such as Real Estate, Stock Markets, and Constructions.

The company's head office is located at Dammam, Saudi Arabia and despite that its products are distributed all over Saudi, it has branches only in major cities in the Kingdom such as Dammam, Ryiadh, Jeddah, Qassim, Arar, and Al Hasa.The company has very strong and dedicated sales and distribution network in all major cities and also has a very strong infrastructure (i.e. communication network, Distribution fleet, and Logistics facilities such as warehousing facilities) to provide support to managers throughout the entire Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Al Mahroos & Sons company's objectives to be the leading business house in all its business activities: Import, Marketing, and Distribution, Real Estate, Investment, and Retail business. To be able to achieve its goals, the company has to be supported by a competent IT Department and a strong, secure, reliable Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP solution


The move to the company structure:

By the year 1994, the business environment had changed (i.e. the number of importers, the market, had increased to the thousands of establishment, the marketing activities of the competitors was fierce, the number of employees have increase considerably, the sales transactions have increase dramatically, and the sales drives of the competitors) have created pressure on the establishment to move to a new business structure “a company”. The business has, by now, three distinct activities: Trading Operation, Real Estate Development, and Financial Investment. The Trading Operation now is run through the functional departments (i.e. Finance Department, Sales & Marketing Departments, Warehouse Department, Human Resources Department, and Purchasing Department).

New outlook:

Al Mahroos Group of Companies (AMGC).

Introduction :

Al Mahroos Group of Companies (AMGC) is an organization that has various activities through different companies operating in major cities all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia . It had started over 58 years ago by Late Mr. Saeed Ahmed Al Mahroos, one of the pioneers in business and trade, as a single owner (a proprietor) establishment. Today “Al Mahroos Group of Companies (AMGC)” is a professionally managed company, one of the leading business houses in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the arena of food and non food import and distribution. In the food business, AMGC having their own key drive brands, they are holding agencies, and have entered into distribution agreements of some of well known international brands that has major market share. The group has diversified interests though affiliated companies, such as, Al Mahroos & Sons Co. “Mahroos Trading”, “Real Estate”, “Investments”, “Construction Contracting”, “Logistics”, Retail Business (Mazaya Foods)”, and Al Mahroos & Sons Co.”Dana Pack”.


The Company's Head office Located in Dammam, Saudi Arabia and its presents available at all the major cities in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, even though their operations are controlled from the major branches in the kingdom, which are Dammam, Riyadh, Qasim, Arar, Qatief, Hasa, and Jeddah. The Company has very strong Sales and Distribution network in the Kingdom, Also have very strong infrastructure to provide support on Distribution Management.

Al Mahroos Group of Companies (AMGC).



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